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A Peace of Pai

Pai (pronounced bpaai) (ปาย) is a small town in Mae Hong Son Province, Northern Thailand, with a population of 3,000 people. The Pai River inspired the city's name.

Located in a particularly attractive valley northwest of Chiang Mai with a relaxing attitude and a diverse tourist scene for both local and foreign visitors.

Away from the city's hustle and bustle, Pai provides the greatest cocoon for creatives, and its natural surroundings are a continual source of inspiration.

As a result, we chose this magnificent location to be the home of Harmony Hub Pai.

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What is

Harmony Hub?

A green atmosphere situated 7 minutes from town with an art cafe' for those seeking creativity. Mainly offering Pottery workshops and pottery studio services. Additionally there are tons of free space available, tools, materials and inspiration.

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Where are we?

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week·ly cre·a·tiv·i·ty






Morning Workshops A

Starts 11 Am





Afternoon Workshops A

Starts 1 Pm


Starts 1 Pm

Evening Events

Starts 7 Pm

Paint & Sip





❖ = Cafe and Art Space Open but no workshops




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Pottery Glazing

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Pottery Wheel Throwing

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& Paint

Pottery Studio

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We're proud to mention that we have a top-notch pottery studio that's all about quality and creativity!

Our studio is fully equipped with tools, wheels, a wedging board, a kiln, clay, and glazes, making it the perfect spot for any potter to unleash their creativity. You're welcome to hire the space and start your creative adventure!

[Click here to learn more.]

Our Team

are the coolest people in the world ♥


Passionate baker and an instant friend!

Halftone Flower Collage


Passionate pottery teacher and master of intricate designs.

Magic May

Amazing cook and wonder woman.

J’ai Li

Smiley potter and the heart of our studio.


Coffee addict and a jack of all trades.


Chilled dog and the protector of galaxies.

cafe with a French flair that serves homemade cakes and a variety of coffee.

You will have access to some art supplies with each purchase to spend some time being creative.

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Create with Us

Mailing Address

2, Wiang Nuea, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130


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Phone Number & Whatsapp

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Foreign Workers Law Disclaimer:

We, Harmony Hub Pai, fully respect the Foreign Workers Law in Thailand. Our website lists a group of facilitators who are foreigners, and we confirm that they do not get paid illegally. Their services are offered as part of a cultural exchange and not as a form of remuneration. We do not exploit any talents, and all parties involved have a communal understanding of spreading creativity. We strongly adhere to Thai laws and regulations and will continue to maintain our compliance with them.

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