Ceramic glaze and paint brushes.
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What is Glazing?

In the world of ceramics, clay goes through a ​series of firings. The first firing solidifies the clay ​into a ceramic material, making it hard but still ​absorbent and in a single color. To make the ​ceramic material liquid-resistant and colorful, ​we add a layer of glaze, which is a mixture of ​water, glass-forming materials, and colorants. ​This glaze is applied before the second firing, ​where the magic happens!

Female ceramic artist glazing a cup
Pastel Ceramic Glazes
Female ceramic artist glazing a cup

There are many kinds

Glazes come in many forms and can be applied ​in various ways, such as dipping, spraying, and ​brushing. In this workshop, we will use an easy-​to-apply form called underglaze. The name ​"underglaze" comes from the fact that this glaze ​is applied first and then coated with a clear glaze ​to seal it and keep it in place. This method of ​glazing is easier to understand because it works ​similarly to watercolors.

Making Your Own Pottery Glaze

Choose from our pre-made cups ​for you to apply underglaze to ​and express your colorful-​creativity on.

Beautiful red yellow ceramic glazed plate

Glazing Workshop

A fun & easy workshop where you are ​provided 1 pre-made ceramic piece and a set ​of underglaze colors, additionally there will ​be some instruction to give you a head start ​on how to color your lovely to be piece.

NOTE 01: The pieces made will take a few ​day until they are fired and ready for pick up.

NOTE 02: Additional pieces can be glazed at ​250 baht per piece.

Price 650 Baht​

Duration 2 Hours

FREE Complementary TEA POT

Handmade ceramic crockery and craft pottery jug, jars and cups standing on shelves in creative studio or potter store. Different handicraft clay earthenware bowls in artisan craftsman classes workshop

And what if ​you are an ​experienced ​potter?