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Pottery ​Handbuilding

Simplest yet most fun

Handbuilding or ​handforming is one of ​the straightforward ​methods of shaping clay. ​It doesn't require a ​wheel or molds; simple ​hand tools are used, with ​our hands being the ​most important tool! It's ​the best way to get our ​hands dirty with clay.

hand throwing wheel with clay and tool watercolor
Pottery Tools and Clay

Slab technique

In our workshops, we will ​focus on a technique ​called slab building. This ​involves laying out slabs ​of clay and cutting them ​into shapes to construct ​our main designs. ​Additionally, we will ​introduce other ​techniques such as coiling ​and pinching.

pottery watercolor illustration.
Close up of a Person Sculpting with Clay


Pottery Workshop

A fun & easy workshop where you are provided ​an amount of clay to create a set of small ​jewellery, additionally there will be some ​instruction to give you a head start on how to ​shape and color your lovely to be pieces.

NOTE 01: The pieces made will take one weeks ​until they are fired and ready for pick up.

NOTE 02: We don’t provide the attachment ​parts of the jewlleries such as hooks, clasps, ​jump rings, chains etc. But we can advice where ​to get them :)

Price 800 Bah​t

Duration 2 Hours

FREE Complementary TEA POT

A Woman Working on a Clay Sculpture

Cup building

Pottery Workshop

A infomative yet soothing workshop where you ​are provided an amount of clay to create a ​create a cup of your choice. We will also dive ​into shaping and texturing our creations.

NOTE: The pieces made will take two weeks ​until they are fired and ready for pick up.

Price 1000 Baht

Duration 3 Hours​

FREE Complementary Drink

🐻 Bear in mind though

The process from clay modeling

to the finished glazed pieces will ​take at least 10 to 14 days.

This video demonstrate why.

The workshop prices includes firing, glazing costs!*

*Shipping costs are not included as it varies.