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Treat yourself to a colorful afternoon

Step into a transformative therapeutic art session with Sacred Geometric Watercolor, an exclusive experience in our creative space. This unique session is crafted to offer individuals a canvas for exploring their inner vibrant selves (child), fostering self-expression, and discovering inner peace through the coloring of pre-made geometric shapes. The primary medium utilized is watercolor. Engage in this meditative and introspective practice to unlock your creativity, alleviate stress, and embark on a journey of personal growth

TherapEutic art session

1 Day Sacred Geometric

Watercolor Session

Experience transformative watercoloring combining mindfulness, self-expression, and personal growth. Our facilitators guide you in a safe, nurturing environment. No art skills required—focus on therapeutic benefits. Discover ink's power for self-expression, relaxation, and healing. Book your session today.



2:30 hours

400 Baht

Includes all materials

Coloring and guided mindfulness practice

Impressive and Personal Creations:

Participants are often amazed by their own abilities and the profound insights gained through this process. While the primary objective of the watercoloring session is not the end result, it often surprises participants with its beauty and intricacy. A unique representation of the individual's inner world, each artwork becomes a powerful and personal creation. The colors on large sheets of paper vividly reflect the depth of emotions and thoughts explored during the sessio

You also have the options

to create your own greeting, postxards and stickers of your paintings!

25 baht per postcard, 40 bhat per greeting card.

50 baht for sheet of stickers A4 size.

pick up within 1-3 business days

Watercolor Star Shape

Who is your guide?


Meet Jen, a boundless ball of energy radiating enthusiasm and vibrant colors. Initially drawn to the team to craft captivating programs for kids, she soon discovered an equal passion for catering to adults. Just like her dynamic personality, Jen has the uncanny ability to bring out our inner child and ignite a sense of playfulness in everything she touches. Join Jen in unleashing the vivid hues of creativity and the joy of rediscovering the childlike wonder within us.