Hands working on pottery wheel
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Pottery Wheel Throwing

not as easy as it looks:

Wheel throwing is often the first thing that comes to mind when we think of pottery, inspired by countless smooth, mesmerizing videos on social media. However, achieving that effortless flow takes years of practice. Luckily, at Harmony Hub Pai, our instructors will give you a helping hand and break down these skills to fast-track your learning process plus make it fun.

Hands working on pottery wheel

Center Your Clay, Center Yourself

The throwing process for each type of pot or ware involves a series of sequential steps to produce a specific shape or piece. Each step is a skill to master, and by learning the right combination of these skills, we can create pots worthy of firing, displaying, or even using daily.

In our workshops, we focus on vessel-shaped pots, including cups, vases, and small bowls. The essential skill set for crafting these shapes includes centering the clay, opening up, pulling/lifting, shaping, and trimming. By mastering these techniques, you'll develop the precision and confidence needed to create beautiful, functional pottery.

Hands working on pottery wheel

Select the workshop that fits your needs and schedule.

1 Day wheel throwing


Hands working on pottery wheel

A fun & easy crash course into the art of ​wheel throwing. This workshop will get your ​hands dirty and spinning on the wheel in no ​time, the focus would be the experience. ​Instructor will be always available to assist ​and there will be plenty of trials.

NOTE: The pieces made in the workshop will ​not be kept or fired unless student specifies ​but this will be an additional cost based on ​size and quantity.

Price 650 Baht

Duration 3 Hours + 45 minutes lunch break

FREE Complementary Drink

3 Days wheel throwing


Female Potter creating bowl on Potters wheel

A more advanced aproach to learning ​throwing, Designed for those who seriously ​wants to learn and practice wheel throwing, ​the workshop covers topics like wedging ​clay, centering, lifting/pulling, shaping and ​trimming. Through out the workshop you ​will have plenty of practice time and you will ​be able to produce a number of pieces.

NOTE: Firing and glazing costs are included ​in the workshop fees, firing and glazing are ​done by our staff.

Price 2500 Baht

Duration 3 days in 2 weeks / 3 hours Per Day


KEEP in mind though

The process from clay modeling to the finished glazed pieces will take at least 14 days. So expect to receive finished pieces within such timeline or more.

This video demonstrate why.

*Shipping costs are not included.

We only offer shipping in Thailand (100-200 B).

Working place of potter master with accessories

And what if you are an experienced potter?